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What are the Benefits of Working with Leopoldus Law?


100% Flat-Rate Pricing

Know the price before you hire us.

Access to Top Professionals

We work with the best in every industry and we open these doors for our clients.


Custom-Built Strategies

Your situation is different from any other. We craft custom strategies just for you and your needs.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to tackling life and business challenges, many athletes and entertainers do not know where to start. This creates opportunities for people to take advantage, get you into bad situations, and lose out on valuable opportunities.

At Leopoldus Law, we understand it can be nerve-racking, frustrating, and confusing navigating these worlds while also trying to raise a family and manage other interests.

We work with you to not only solve your legal problems, but also create asset-growing structures such as our “Athlete LLC” program, creating real value for you and your support team.

Our approach is different than any other law firm. We will collaborate with you and your advisors often at no additional charge, so we can provide advice and resolve issues before they become larger problems. Our goal is to provide you with the best legal representation imaginable so you can maximize your career earnings, build a lifelong brand, and educate you to become savvy, unstoppable business people.

As the only law firm in the United States featuring the “Athlete LLC”, we have superior knowledge and understanding of how to structure the legal and business needs for athletes and entertainers, creating a solid asset generating additional revenue and helping our clients’ families.

Our business model was developed to limit our number of clients so we can provide the personal attention our clients deserve and the value we provide to be second to none.

Leopoldus Law has worked with dozens of professional athletes (from prospects to the Hall of Fame), artists, entrepreneurs, and other talented people and understand the lifestyle, problems, and opportunities these clients face.

We hope to be working with you soon!

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Our Promise

All clients can expect the following


Athlete LLC

The proper structure for athletes and entertainers to maximize their income, protect their interests, and provide for their family.

Pre-Draft Advising

We interview every agent, financial advisor, and other professional with so cleints have the right team around them from the start.


Constant evaluation of client’s professional services team to limit the chance of fraud or theft.


Clients have access to our vetted network of top-tier advisors and professionals regardless of industry.


Scheduled weekly calls ensures clients have access and updates at no additional charge.

Limited Number

We hold our client roster at a static number to ensure we provide the attention our clients deserve.

We Love Happy Clients

Here Is What They Are Saying:

“There is nobody I trust more than Brandon with my on and off-field needs for me and my family. I talk with him every week and during the season he talks with my financial advisor and business manager to stay on top of things while I focus on my game.”

O.N. – ​San Diego, CA

“Brandon supplies expert legal advice to me and our non-profit corporation. Brandon always treats everyone like they are his most important client.”

T.B. – MLB Veteran, 3 World Series Rings

“I have hired Brandon to incorporate and help us grow several of my business interests. He understands what I need, the way my other commitments play into my businesses, and he keeps everything safe. I rely on Brandon to keep my needs taken care of during the season and to teach me to become a better entrepreneur in the off-season.”

M.B. NFL Veteran, Super Bowl Champion

“Brandon listens to you and requests and reviews documents so he can understand the issues before making recommendations for a course of action. Important to me is that he is not afraid to say “let me research our options” or consult with a colleague rather than dive into uncharted waters. He is also not afraid to say, “No. That’s not a good idea.” or a flat out “No. That would be a bad deal to make and I won’t let you do it.”, something which he has done to me in more than one development deal.”

D.E. 30+ Year Film/Television Producer, Director, Critic

“I have worked with Brandon to build my brand. He has not just done all the legal work, he has introduced me to a number of other people who have been instrumental in building my brand. He has done more for me than anyone else to build my brand.”

C.P. NBA Legend

How Does It Work?

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How Much Does It Cost?

How much is the uncertainty you have costing you right now? How much would you and your family benefit from having a comprehensive legal strategy and the understanding of how it operates?

We only charge flat-rate prices so you cost certainty regardless of your needs. We charge our flat-rates because it is fair and provides you the best possible ROI.

Our pre-draft and pre-performance clients have payment deferred until they receive their signing bonus.

Our clients who are post-draft or on-set, are billed a flat-rate that includes all legal work we can do; monthly, quarterly, or annually – whatever works best for each client.

Apply for a free consultation and we will see if we are a fit for one another.

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Brandon Leopoldus

Founder & ceo

Brandon Leopoldus is based in the Los Angeles area and has been in California for more than a decade. Growing up in Colorado Springs with a sister, an Olympic-level gymnast, he spent much of his childhood at the United States Olympic Training Center.

His own sports career began as an umpire in Minor League Baseball. He umpired in the Appalachian, Pioneer, Midwest, California, and Pacific Coast Leagues, and received two All-Star selections and umpired one league championship series. Following his umpire career, Brandon decided to pursue his legal education.

After law school and cutting his teeth as an employment litigator, he began working with Major League Baseball umpires, leading to clients who were players from every sport. Some highlights have included representing a two-time NFL All-Pro with his off-field business and personal endeavors; resolving a six-figure personal dispute for a Super Bowl champion; protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of an 8-year NBA veteran; advising a two-time Stanley Cup champion with a multi-million dollar real estate investment; developing the structure of an indoor baseball training facility for a Major League Baseball All-Star; and advising top-tier collegiate athletes entering the draft.

His entertainment clients have included negotiatingperformance agreements and tour agreements for a notable band; negotiating and structuring the business of a production company with high-visibility events on OSCARS® night; protecting the homes and business interests of many celebrities; and structuring businesses o increase revenue for social media influencers.

As a recognized leader in sports law, Mr. Leopoldus is a featured speaker and panelist across the country including presentations and guest lectures at numerous law schools. He is an award-winning member of the Sports Lawyers Association, on the ad-hoc Athlete Outreach Committee for Merging Vets and Players, the board of advisors for City Gala, and the Steering Committee of Sports Spectacular.

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31 Legal Tips for Athletes, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, and Other Talented People

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